About Helen Wigzell

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  I graduated University of New Hampshire in 1997 with an AS in Animal Science.

After coming home from school to work with horses, I began to develop a more serious interest in working with small animals. I found the competition obedience training I was doing with my own dog at the time, fascinating. Not long after graduation, I had the opportunity to apprentice with Carol Walsh of Country Lane German Shepherds. It was then I knew working with dogs was something I had to know more about.


  I left the farm to work for a local veterinary hospital as a receptionist & tech. All the while continuing to compete & progress with my own dogs.

During my time there I learned there was a shortage of trainers in my area, willing or able to handle various types of behavior troubles, some of our patients were experiencing. I continued my canine education by studying behavior modification w/Christina Smith of Southbury. My employer, knowing my life long interest in dogs, my experience showing breed & obedience with my own dogs, & my apparent innate ability to read them, began to refer her clients to me for training & problem solving.



  I started showing PBGVs & Saint Bernards in confirmation on nights & weekends. I began seriously apprenticing with Marilyn Crownsbury (Eden Trail PBGVs). Soon after, I started a business called Jockey Hollow PBGVs, which offered breed handling for PBs, Saints & later Newfs, all breed basic obedience, pet problem solving, boarding, pet sitting & limited transport & grooming svcs for clients.


  Through a breed contact, I had the opportunity to assist a small North Carolina rescue group place some of their dogs in my area. I would drive down to NC, evaluate them, groom them up, take them home to train them in basic manners work & then place them free of charge, into new homes. All adopters received continued training, grooming & discounted boarding/pet sitting services.


  When Marilyn Crownsbury passed away, I got out of showing PBs in the breed ring & re-invested my efforts more seriously with my other dogs & with Jockey Hollow PBGVs training program. I became more involved the N.C. rescue & rehabilitation work & I offered more boarding, pet sitting & obedience services.


Recently in Sept 05, Confident Canine, as it is now known as today, was hired by DAWS (a non profit all breed rescue in Bethel CT) to design & run a training program for the dogs & the handlers at their shelter.


  I am currently starting my new Doberman pup in the sport of Schutzhund & continue to learn all that I can from my friends, clients & colleagues.